Driver's License Application

Completing this licence application with a score of seven or above and having your application approved by DMT entitles you to drive the nominated mutant vehicle(s) in Jilakin Rock City during the Blazing Swan 2019 event. Your driver's licence will not be printed, instead Blazing Swan will keep a digital record of this test.

Are you familiar with the above vehicle(s) and its/their specific hazards? Are you also confident and competent to drive it/them safely?

Are you familiar with Blazing Swan's vehicle driving policy, and do you agree to abide by it?

The vehicle driving policy can be found at:

1. Who has right of way on all roads?

2. What is the one extra requirement a 24hr vehicle licence has vs a day licence?

3. Do you need to get a separate permit for flame effects if you have them on your mutant vehicles?

4. Can you drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs?

5. What is the speed limit for mutant vehicles including the general public at Blazing Swan?

6. Does a mutant vehicle operators licence allow you to drive any vehicle?

7. Do federal and state laws still apply at Blazing Swan?

8. What action may be taken against you if you break driving rules, or put participants in any non-consensual danger?